New Beaded Art Guitar: Starburst Zodiac

Starburst Zodiac Beaded GuitarStarburst Zodiac Beaded Guitar is my latest embeaded guitar. This guitar’s theme is the astrological zodiac. The front of the acoustic guitar is an homage to the sun at midheaven, at the zenith of it’s strength and power. There is a ring of real shell beads and faux pearls at the focus. The remaining area is covered in different lengths of bugle beads. The neck is also beaded, and the guitar has been strung with multi-color guitar strings.


Starburst Zodiac Beaded Guitar

The back of Starburst Zodiac is a stylized zodiac chart, with each of the astrological elements and modalities represented in colors. Each sign is represented with a silver-colored stamped astrological coin, and there are 12 shell “stars”, one for each sign of the zodiac. The outside edge of Starburst Zodiac is a Celtic knot design in gold, red and blue.

The back of Starburst Zodiac also features a Sun and Moon design. This theme is a favorite, I keep coming back to it in the many different styles of art I produce. This time, I added a planet behind the half-moon, I wasn’t thinking of a specific planet, but it could be Neptune, with those colors!

Asking Price for Starburst Zodiac is $2,999.

Price includes shipping to the US or Canada. Contact me for shipping pricing elsewhere. Escrow can be arranged upon request, provided the buyer covers any escrow fees.